Friday , January 22 2021

The first trailer connects to The Umbrella Academy

Umbrella Academy, a comic published by Dark Horse, will have a television adaptation from Netflix.

Glory Road's haunted comic strip and Brazilian artist Gabriel Ba will arrive in the streaming service under the watch of Steve Blackman (Fcarbon, modified carbon) to present the story of a dysfunctional group of extraordinary characters who were adopted in their childhood by their mentor and who separated themselves as a result of a terrible tragedy.

But after the death of his adopter, who manages to appear on the next trailer, everyone has to meet to face a threat that puts the world at risk.

None of these things have been dealt with in the first trailer of the series shown in Comic Con's Brazilian experience, but it seems good enough for anyone to pay attention to this future launch of the streaming service.

See Advance:

Advancements represent them only with numbers, but their identity is:

1. Spaceboy (Tom Hopper), a leader who has super power.

2. Cracked (David Castaneda), a rival of Spaceboy who has great reflexes and does not need breathing to live.

3. The Lament (Emmy Raven-Lampman) – a kind of telepath that can control people

4. The Session (Robert Sheyhan), a thief who has telekinesis in comics and is quite painful

5. The boy (Aydin Gallagher), who travels to the future where he lives for 50 years. But when he returns to the past, he is trapped in the child's body.

7. The White Violin (Ellen Country), who loves music.

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