Tuesday , June 15 2021

The first video game console for adults cleans sales

on video game site Notaku launched the first adult game console. A project that has the peculiarity of coming in the form of a breast. As part of the novelty and surprise for the creators, it is sold within hours of going out in stores.

The console was released at $ 170 (slightly more than 110,000 pesos) and has the peculiarity of the chest. There is a computer that connects directly to the Notaku website that provides adult content.

"While Nintendo threatens to stop making consoles and Mad Box promises to be the most powerful in history, we wanted to do something unique and invite the community to grow. Now our players can easily connect this system to any TV or watch and access their favorite games ", commented Jessica Meyers, designer of the Nutaku console.

The console has a silicone lid that feels like a skin, a grain button, an HDMI port, 2 USB ports, an audio connector, an external power source, a Wi-Fi connection, and a full library of games. free to play and premium for pre-installed adults.

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