Tuesday , June 15 2021

The General Vehicle Carabineros faces a minimarket in Concepción: the driver escapes national

General Karabinero's vehicle, head of Antofagasta's Second Zone, was involved in a collision He has suffered material damage at the front of a commercial establishment.

The incident happened on Friday when the Suzuki Swift model crashed at dawn against the outside door of Florica's small market, located in the corner of Castelone with Bullsey, in Concepcion.

The four passengers of the car, At first glance, they fled the place and Carabinero arrived after the announcement of the neighbors and motorists.

When checking the patent plate it is checked whether the vehicle belongs to Carabineros General Luis Humeres, the current head of Antofagasta's second zone, who has worked for several years in Concepción and Talcahuano, says Colonel Benjamín Piva, Prefect of Penquista.


One of the children's car owner Thomas Hummus has filed a complaint about the theft of the cell phone, added Concepcion prefect.


According to in the police stations to which Radio Bio Bio has access, the complaint about vehicle theft is both during the crashBoth episodes happen at 4:10 am, according to these papers.

The strong influence did not leave people injured and not detained for the theft of the vehicle.

The person responsible for the premises did not want to refer to the matter.

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