Saturday , December 5 2020

The impressive and incredible world that can be seen from above

AIR NUMBER – Have you always thought you would see this number of planes in the desert? Well, you just did it. Southern California's airport in Victorville, a city on the west coast of the United States, has an airplane depot with more than 150 airplanes not in service. This has happened because the Boeing 747 has declined significantly over the past two decades.

NURSERY COLORS – These colored strips are part of the Tulip Growing Area in Lise, a city in the western Netherlands. Flowers begin to bloom in March and reach their peak in April. In the country, more than 4,300 million bulbs are grown each year.

PERFECT FORMS – These small squares are part of the Eixample neighborhood in the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​famous for the network model used in building construction. The design, made by the Catalunian town planner Ildefons Cerdà, looks at wide streets with octagonal intersections that allow sunlight to be used and facilitate ventilation. There is also an area that allows car parking for a short period of time.

SUNNY CONCENTRATION – This photo shows a solar thermal power plant with a special storage system called Gemasolar. It is in the city of Seville, in the south of Spain. It has 2,650 mirrors that take advantage of the energy generated by the sun.

MONTAÑA FÉRREA – This is the aerial view of an iron mine in Whaleback Mountain in Western Australia. 98% of the steel used in the construction of buildings, cars and appliances such as refrigerators consists of this mineral.

PARIS GEOMETRY – The Parisian streets were designed by the French prefect George Eugene Hausman between 1853 and 1870. The destruction of overcrowded and unhealthy medieval quarters was necessary. They were replaced by the construction of diagonal and wide boulevards, parks, fountains, aqueducts and sewage systems.

COLORS AND FORMS – How many geometric shapes can you recognize in this photo? It is taken in Pembrokeshire, a county in Southeast Wales, in the United Kingdom.

THE WAVES OF PERTH – It looks like the sea in Perth, a city on the west coast of Australia. The area is well-known because it has beautiful beaches with white sand. From the sky you can see the different shades of blue, sea currents and whirlpools that are formed when the waves hit the shore.

COLOR AT SEA – These tankers are waiting near the Singapore port, which is the second highest flow in the world. There passes one fifth of the containers that arrive in the ports of different countries, and half of the annual supply of oil.

GREEN VEGETABLES – The structures seen in the picture are in Almeria, a city in southern Spain. They occupy an area of ​​194 km² and use a technique called "plasticultura", which aims to speed up the growing of fruit. As a reference, only 18 km² of the total surface is visible in the image.

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