Wednesday , January 27 2021

The InSight probe took its first monster on Mars

After landing on Mars on November 26, NASA's InSight spacecraft is settling and taking photos. Now the landing module he used his robotic hand to take himself,

This is not a typical egoist like yours. In fact, it is a mosaic of 11 images of the landing gear's robot's camera.

If it sounds familiar to you, it's because the ship type pirate curiosity has used the same overlay process to create self-contained and other images that are collected in a later process.

The first InSight selfie consists of 11 photos taken from the mission and placed side by side (NASA).

Inside, the InSight solar panel and the tool-filled platform are displayed in full screen.

The pilot also shot his new home. You have sent 52 photos from the land 4.2 m to 2.1 m, which is right in front of the spacecraft.

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This "workspace" will be analyzed by mission scientists so that InSight knows where to put the tools on the surface of Mars. The seismometer and the heat flow probe need a flat surface beneath them without stones.

And the flat and stable surface that scientists expected was exactly that. InSight landed in an almost bezel hole that could be a meteorite impact zone filled with sandThis, in a nutshell, will make things easier for the heat flow probe after you drill at 4.8 meters below the surface.

"Almost the lack of rocks, hills and holes means that it will be very safe for our tools"said InSight chief investigator Bruce Banner of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "It may seem like a fairly simple terrain if it was not on Mars, but we are happy to see it."

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