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The life in Chile by Rebecca, a Haitian woman who dies after writing

"We saw this girl lying on the ground, I started to love her and the girl did not react ",

The tragic scene described Graciela Ramírez, a woman who tried to help 38-year-old Rebecca Pierre, who was gone as she waited. Bus at the bus stop in Transantango located in Mapocho with Huelen, dies in place.

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Everything after that to Cesfam, Cerro Navia, where he has been diagnosed as having changed cardiac functions. I mean tachycardia

Given this situation, the woman who was pregnant was sent to the Metropolitan Hospital. After several medical examinations and for reasons not yet known, was released

A fact that suggests possible medical negligence. As he says Rosana Silva, a friend of Rebecca.

"If the office and the midwife are considering sending him an ambulance to the hospital and returning it back to the micro with a high, without being an attorney, I think there is negligence, because more can be done– he said.

While the mayor of Cerro Navia Mauro Tamayo, this in detail "We have proposed to file a complaint for criminal proceedings against those who are responsible, so that this case does not remain unpunished. "

The Sacrifice I had arrived in the country four years agoShe was the mother of a 5-year-old child and tried to confirm her medical degree in the country, but she did not have the resources to pay for the procedure.

He came in search of a better life, but his dream was shortened, just like the life of Joan Floral, A friend of the victim will take care of another woman's child.

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