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The Magic of the Supernatural in the Voices of Her Heroes

The cult visited the set and spoke with the voices of the popular Warner Channel series, which is currently broadcasting its fourteenth season.

Jared Padaleki synthesizes the phenomenon with a joke: "If you go to a studio and say" I will make a series of two brothers who can not die and return to life because they have a friend who is an angel, "that will probably cause laughter, But we are here 14 years later. "

With these words, the actor who plays the Winchester minors supernatural He sums up the feelings of the entire crew in the series that follows two brothers who travel to the United States at Chevrolet Impala who are fighting supernatural beings. A simple piece of paper, but it allowed them to remain in the air for 14 seasons – the last of which was released at The Warner Channel in Chile in late October – and became one of the most popular and long-standing sci-fi productions in recent years .

Considering this scenario, it's worth asking what was the success story of Warner Bros. and The CW to keep captivating your fans and adding new audiences to the world after releasing their first cycle in 2005 . of the production offices in Vancouver (Canada) where special effects, scripts and costumes work, it is clear that the relationship of the Supernatural team goes beyond work.

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– From a long time. There are marriages and divorces, births, and deaths, and we all share that, "says Padaleki, Sam Winchester in the plot." This is a series in which we are all family and there are no barriers between those who work in the team, the actors and the extras. We are all a group and we have a good time, something that is not in many programs, "adds Mark Pellegrino, who plays the relentless villain Lucifer in history.

So far, the Wonderland has seen all this. They have been killed, have risen, visited hell and fought against any antagonists. However, there may always be something else and the formula of success must be done precisely with a plot that can be worn in many directions. Writers, on the other hand, have the opportunity to create increasingly dark and complex enemies, which at the same time suggest a creative challenge in 14 years.

"There are no rules in the supernatural, everything can happen, and that's about many crazy stories with infinite numbers about it." It can last forever, "said Pellegrino, who believes the growing TV industry is expanding science fiction opportunities and giving an opportunity for more space for creativity.

The latter is directly related to technological development. Streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime are largely supported by this creative revolution, which reveals another phenomenon behind Supernatural: the upgrading of the audience. "Thanks to the way the content can be seen, a whole new audience arrives, some of them not born when the series begins," says Jensen Ackles, who plays Winchester's elder brother, Dean.

"If this series was released 25 years ago, I do not think I would have this longevity, I think we have the right to wave when the content has begun streaming," added the actor. Pellegrino agrees: "The audience is growing and that's unusual." Parents who are parents give Supernatural their legacy to their children and there are many teenagers who watch the series around the world.

And although season 15 is not yet official, attention is focused on episode number 300, which according to the main characters will be a sign of gratitude to the fans and will include a wink of the first chapters. "We are much more grateful to you than to us. That's why we're still here, "says Padaleki.

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