Saturday , December 5 2020

The man committed suicide with cyanide and caused an operation on the streets of Ñuñoa

Firefighters work this morning in the municipality of Ñuñoawhere an emergency is reported due to a supposed cyanide intake.

The procedure was carried out at the intersection of Avenida Sucre in the corner of Román Díaz where a man's body was found and a cyanide-labeled bag next to it.

Firefighters report that, according to Carabinero, there is cyanide in the bag.

"Now we need to confirm by measurements, if the bag is cyanide, through a spot test," they said.

"Unlike other emergencies, here we are in a square, It is well ventilated. Cyanide is a very volatile element. This gives us a guarantee that the isolation of the site should not isolate or evacuate much, "said the commander. Alex Miller the Fourth Fire Company of Ñuñoa.

The site was isolated and the traffic was cut off by Román Díaz, while Bomberos pointed out this "there is no risk to neighbors or people traveling."

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