Monday , January 18 2021

The message of the Independent to the river after winning Copa Libertadores

After receiving Libertadores Cup with part of River Plate, the Trans-Andes Club is filled with greetings from different parts of the world, from important players to teams.

However, there was "greeting" very specific dedicated to the new American club champion. It's about the Argentine club Regardless of Avellaneda, which through social networks, Upload an image related to the new Milionator title.

However, Independent is the club with the most winning buy-ins "Libertadores", in general seven trophies, while the river with this new trophy, barely four conquests.

For the same, The Red Devils referred to their continental titles to greet the River, using the "The Only King" tag.

"@Libertadores' best historical winner greets @CARPOficial to win his fourth cup. , # ELÚNICOREY #TodoRojo, "writes Avellaneda's picture.

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