Sunday , January 17 2021

The murderers are always back: the scene that will change the blood paced course TV and exhibitions

This Monday at the beginning of the new cycle of the blood pact was more clearly seen, as after the death of Carina (Antonia Guizen), supposedly suicidal, Feliciano began to link the edges to the death of her two friends, revealing her chief that they both worked on a porn page, a secret that has been preserved so far.

Thanks to this idea and the suspicions he has, the detective went back to the trial, which would complicate the quartet of friends whom they had kept quiet, accusing Chuozo of the death of Daniela (Antonia Bosman), who never persuaded the character of Álvaro Gómez

In a preview of the next chapter, Benjamin, Marko, Gabriel, and Raymond are seen arriving after the two students, except Trinidad, the one who accompanied Ignacio, who was devastated after learning of the death of his girlfriend Carina.

This scene, where you see everyone who is responsible for the death of friends, will be the key to what will happen later, because Feliciano tells his colleague something that will change the story. "I have no doubt that among all these people murderers can be", says the detective.

Then, Deputy Commissioner Javier Hernández begins to ask for every person in the spot calling for Ignacio's attention, which would cause suspicions to him according to some achievements they have given.

Now we just have to wait and see if Feliciano and his team find the real culprits.

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