Wednesday , January 20 2021

The Netflix Zodiac Knights series looks awful

The Knights of the Zodiac, also known as St. Seyah, are one of the most popular anime series in this country of the world, as it manages to leave the boundaries of the octave, to be recognized by a wider audience.

That's why the franchise has been the subject of several revivals, including scary digital animation movie (St. Seyah: Legend of the Sanctuaryy), who adapted the first arcs with terrible results. There are very few people who do not crucify it with a low.

But now, with Netflix, a new digital version will come as a TV series, adapting Seiya's story and the company from the beginning of its adventures to generate criticism as its animation style leaves much to be desired. This means that neither the kinematic of the bad video games reaches him.

Whether it's the animation style or the work of some new voices, including Seiya, there's plenty of space for fans of the original version to shoot with their arrows. Besides, one of the elements that will generate more comments will be the fact that the woman has adapted Sheng, Mr. Andromeda.

See the trailer below, where for some reason there are tanks and heavy artillery attacking the bronze saints.

The only thing left is that the story is fun enough to compensate, but this first look leaves a feeling worse than the rest when we saw the saga of 12 houses on television in Chile and right after Lion's house, the series begins again.

WORLD SEA: The Knights of the Zodiac it will be launched globally in 2019.

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