Thursday , January 28 2021

The oncologist's deficit reaches 65% in the public system

The Minister of Health, Emilio Santells, revealed that in Chile there is an oncology deficit close to 65% in the public health system, so it expands the ability of foreign professionals to practice in our country.

"We think the oncology deficit in the public system is close to 65%," he said in an interview The third, as well as details that "it is assumed that there are at least twice as many physicians as chemists, and for radiotherapy – a similar figure, given the new equipment being installed, especially in the regions."

Santelices also referred to the figure there are only 158 oncologists who are responsible for the treatment of the 53,000 cancer patients in the country, a situation that gets worse when it comes to just that 69 of them work in the public networkwhere 13 million people are served and the remaining 89 work exclusively in the private area.

"This is related to lack of opportunities for a public system because the specialty is related to multidisciplinary teams and technological intensity, so it is discouraged to stay in a place where you can not develop the race correctly. There are also economic incentives: remuneration in the private system at least twice in the private sector, "he explained.

Faced with this reality, the Minister announced this in April of the next year "a gap study will be completed, which will determine exactly how many doctors and other professionals are needed. "

He stresses, however, that through the National Cancer Plan, presented this week by President Sebastian Pinera,We will solve the gap by 80% over a 10-year horizon, thus generating access to cancer treatments properly allocated to the regions. "

Urgent gaps to solve

However, he stressed that "we have identified urgent gaps in prevention and screening (an early diagnosis strategy for pathologies)".

"So, in 2019 Human papillomavirus vaccine for 4th grade childrenIt is also urgent to increase the number of mammograms we will have in the first quarter 31 additional mammograms, who will report the results of the Digital Hospital. Also, next year we try to install 52 new chairs for chemotherapy, which increases the capacity of the public system by almost 20%, "he said.

Foreign specialists

Moreover, given that "there are many specialists from other countries who want to work in Chile," he revealed that from the portfolio they are in talks with "certifying staff to expand their capacity and, in parallel with universities, to be established in the certification centers of other institutions "to" stop the congestion represented by the validation of specialists "

Also, given the difficulty of training Chileans, "will be required to provide the foreign examiner with the conditions for the examination, make it faster, but demand will not be less, "said Santells, who does not preclude the granting of temporary permits in case it is "necessary at the moment the facilities are created and have no professional opportunities".

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