Monday , January 25 2021

The Palestinian looks at those who have forgotten by Colo Colo about his plan from 2019

Restructuring of Colo Colo Follow your path. at five victims already in 2019, you can add more in the next days. Especially because of the interest that has existed since then Palestinian to a few of the players deferred in Monumental.

Who? Bryan Cortez, Jaime Valdez, Brian Vezhar and Nicholas Maturan,

The goalkeeper can look for a loan after renewing Agustín Orión for another year, And in this scenario, according to the AC, Ivo Basai's picture appears to require an archer if he left one of his own departures.

"Pajarito" is even more specific and can be closed in a few hoursEven the Governor Julio Abuaad admitted to Valdez's interest in DNA: "We have always had a good relationship, we wait for him to solve the situation to have it, he is an example to us, he is a good player, a good person, and he will help us in the forming part ".

Véjar is also on the list of the Arab team. However, the player is an option at Huachipato, a club that still has 40% of his passThere is interest on both sides, although nothing is still over.

A similar case is what happened to Mathuran, who for months in Macul was inconvenient due to the lack of continuity. The striker was already in Palestine between 2015 and 2016.

Shield / Palestinian flag

Costume / Flag Colo Colo

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