Sunday , May 16 2021

The Peruvians, the Haitians and the Colombians stand out

In just two days, 294,176 students who have enrolled to take the PSU will reach 640 schools to take the entrance exam for higher education.

Of these, 200,286 will give the History, Geography and Social Sciences a specific test with more annotated ones.

Tomorrow at 17:00, students who were mostly born in 2000 or in the 21st century will recognize their halls. It is expected that Puente Alto, Maip and Temuco will receive the highest amount (see infographic). While there will be only seven young people in Juan Ferndes. And to the people who will identify the place, 5,411 (1.83%) are foreigners.

According to Chile's data, there are migrants from 63 countries, although there are distant nations such as Madagascar, with Per (1399), High (1,148) and Colombia (709) being the most. ,

In the case of the Peruvian population, it remains stable. In contrast, the presence of the Haitians has increased over the past two years. And the concern about this group is language.

"There is not much involvement that can be done around foreign students, the PSU itself, and much more The Language Test focuses on the Spanish language school, which is why we are inadequate," said Ariel Ramos, researcher in education policy of Education 2020.

Ernesto Trevio, a researcher at U. Catlica's Center for Educational Justice, added that this could lead to other difficulties. "We were not prepared to deal with this issue (immigration) from the point of view of evaluation, if we observe what is happening in other countries more accustomed to immigration, what is usually some kind of adaptation", such as extending the time to the answers to the test.

Trevio explains that foreigners may have problems in other measurements, for example in the Social Sciences exam, "because it is very much up to them to arrive in Chile, how much time they spent in the school system, and how much knowledge they managed to develop specifically."

Demor Director Leonor Varras, however, says that "the test is in Spanish, it is not relevant to people who speak another language." Translating a test means we are piloting it again, not arriving or translating. we have people who speak at our helpdesk for suspicions or inquiries. "

Varas added that the question of the possible translation of the exam is not considered viable.

Generation 2000

120,000 youngsters born in 2000 will take the exam. Another 57,000 were born after that date.

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