Thursday , June 17 2021

The phenomenon of videos that want to relax with sounds

Every day, when we live harder, if not surveys, it is work, friendship or some other factor in our lives that contributes to worry more about what is recommended.

In this scenario, a lot of people are looking for content on the Internet to interrupt their relationship with the world and release tension or their favorite song, funny animal clips, compilations of falls or top 10 on different topics. Something that is possible because on platforms like YouTube there is material for all tastes.

But for some time, a phenomenon precisely dedicated to giving viewers It gained popularity in the platform.

We talk about ASMR videos, contendidos of varying duration, which basically show people in front of a microphone (who may or may not be included in the camera) who make different sounds with their voices or objects. Everyone to cause a pleasant sensation or relaxation in the person you see.

In this sense, the abbreviation ASMR comes from the English term Autonomous sensory response of the meridian (Meridian Autonomous Sensory Response), a concept that is used to refer to the biological phenomenon that produces a a pleasant tingling sensation on the scalp or on the whole body, before certain visual or auditory incentives.

The popularity of this trend is that YouTube currently offers more than 45 million ASMR videosand even some media have motivated entertainment such as Cardi B rapper, Melissa Benua (Supergirl), Camilla Mendes (Riverdaleand Margo Robbie to make this kind of content.

But obviously celebrities are not the stars of this phenomenon and only on YouTube there are hundreds of artists dedicated exclusively to making this kind of video in varieties ranging from ASMR eating or playing some completely themed and cosmopolitan to famous people.

However, in this wide range of creators, there is a profile that is curious. Wired UK points out this A large percentage of the authors of ASMR videos are children.

An example for these young youtubers is McNina Kelly, a 13-year-old girl who thanks to her videos ASMR There are 1.3 million subscribers to your YouTube channel, "Life with Mac".

According to SocialBlade, the YouTube statistics service, the channel "Life With MaK" can generate about a thousand dollars of advertising revenue per day. The same goes for Taylor Darling's "ASMR Darling" channel, one of the most popular figures in this trend, with 2.2 million subscribers.

Of course, this level of profit and exposure for children ranging from 5 years does not stop raising questions about the security YouTube offers to them.

In this sense, Claire Lily, YouTube's Child Safety Policy Manager, told Wired that the platform is working on measures in this respect.

"We know that we have a responsibility to protect young artists and their families and to consider the potential impact of emerging trends on them. We worked with experts Update our compliance guidelines for reviewers to remove ASMR videos with minors involved in more intimate or inappropriate actions, Lily said.

"We work together with experts to make sure we are protect creators young and at the same time, we allow the content of ASMR to follow, which connects creators and viewers in a positive way, "he added.

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