Thursday , May 13 2021

The price of honey has fallen today, but the profit of the week is also rising.

The price of copper has been stable over the last few days. Next week will be the G20 summit, which can give signals that will shift the price.

The copper price tag came at the end of the week with a fall on the London Metal Exchange, but with the accumulated income. In the future, however, the Chinese economy and the country's trade war with the United States will remain at the center of the market.

Today, China's main exports fell 0.58 percent to $ 2.8168 per kilogram. This represents a profit of 0.47% compared to last Friday.

In recent days, market agents have said investors are looking for signs of a trade war between China and the United States and, in particular, how the Asian economy is developing as it is the world's largest consumer of metals.

In this line next week seems to be key.

While the authorities in Washington and Beijing have contradictory reports on how negotiations between the two countries are progressing in search of a trade agreement, the G20 meeting is expected to give more clarity on the issue. The event will be held in Buenos Aires on November 30.

On the other hand, on the same day, figures from Chinese PMi are being published that could move the needle to the market. If the data exceeds market expectations, the price of copper may increase, and the disappointing number could exert more pressure on it.

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