Monday , January 18 2021

"The problem" that the new reinforcement Kolo Kolo dragged

Ronald de la Fuente has two penalty games after being sent with the U. de Concepción in 2018 Copa Libertadores, as the first phase of the South American Championship will be lost.

Ronald de la Fuente will be his left back, with Colo Colo paliará the low Damian Perez. The former University of Concepcion has signed a four-year contract with the Albos in exchange for 600,000 dollars. But not everything is so good: the South has an impending sanction for international tournaments.

On February 7, 2018, de la Fuente received a red card in the commitment that Campanil lost 2-0 by Vasco da Gama to the Estoril Roa Reboledo stadium. The punishment that led to expulsion is on two sides without being able to play. This is a problem for the actor directed by Mario Salas.

Why? Since the regulation of 2019 states in Article 162 that 'the players and / or employees of those teams which, through this Copa Libertadores edition, classify Copa Sudamericana from that year, who are faced with sanctions in anticipation of their observanceas a result of expulsion or any form of sanction received by the judicial authorities, they must comply with the sanctions in question in the same year of the South American State. "

So things, Ronald de la Fuente, could not challenge the first round of the South American Cup where Kolo Kolo faces the Ecuador Catholic University, although they guarantee from the monumental stadium that the rule may have another interpretation: It is only performed if the player participates in Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana in the same year. April 2 will be the debut of Cacique in the continent's second most important tournament, so he has enough time to resolve the issue.

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