Thursday , January 21 2021

The provocative Vane can now be booked on PS4 and Friend & Foe celebrates with its launch

Soon it is said, but Van has been in development for more than four years, showing for the first time at the Tokyo Game Show in 2014. Therefore, the Japanese friend and enemy is proud to present a trailer for their work.

This will be 15 January 2019, exclusively for PS4 through the PlayStation Store, and your reservation is now available for € 21.99 (or € 17.99 plus).

wind indicator, for those who do not know about this adventure, it offers an "experimental journey" where we will become a bird or a child to reveal the secrets of our universe. A game that mixes adventures with platforms and the resolution of puzzles that can challenge us in classic PlayStation like Journey or PLAYDEAD.

We leave you with your last trailer, see what you think.

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