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The reasons for the departure of Binat San Jose from the Catholic University

It was a bomb. Extremely unexpected news (for the majority). Early departure, which hurt the hearts of many "cross" fans. Through its social networks, Catholic University announced this Benat San Jose decides to use a clause in his contract that allows him to terminate his relationship with the club in advance, a fact ratified an hour later by the president of the corporation, Juan Taggall, and the sports manager, Jose Maria Bulaubicic, What did the coach champion to leave his post with Copa Libertadores on the horizon?

Two days later, and the mist of surprise is distracted, that's the reason.

Disparities in sport management

The relationship with José Maria Bullübassih was interrupted for a long time. Without going any further, neither the Argentine's circle of trust nor the people in the hiring area had access to Basque training. According to what they say from the forerunner, this was based on San Jose's lack of trust with Tati's team.

There were also inconsistencies with regard to the players who would have arrived at the institution. A clear example is what happened in the middle of the year. DT insisted on the arrival of Pablo Parra, but the club did not pay the high price Cobreloa wanted for him. He was also offered to stop German Voboril and lead another foreigner to reinforce the offensive. The Spaniard refused, claiming that there was nothing better in this position.

San Jose and Buljubasich after receiving the title. Credit: Agency Edna

Also, no agreement was reached on the conformation of the campus in 2019. Without going further, San Jose requested the outcome of Diego Buononote and Luciano Aued, but Cruzados dismissed it strictly because of the importance of both players in team presentation.

The sources in the directory guarantee that "Beñat [San José] wanted to reach the Copenhagen Libertadoris conditions, "which means an increase in the budget for 2019. The denial of this element of the good part of the board and of Buldubashi is considered by the Spaniards to be a sign of lack of ambition.

Bad relationship with "Luli" Aued

San Jose and Aude did not get along. But what could be a detail in professional relations had a big impact and ultimately disturbed the relationship between them: in training at Chilean University, the Argentine midfielder had a hard time for the Spaniards exposed to the Blues who, with this triumph, entered the battle for the championship.

Although Aued continued to play, San Jose demanded his departure for the following year. It was one or the other. The request was rejected. That was another key ingredient in the Spanish coach's decision.

Lully was selected as the best player in the national championship. Credit: Agency Edna

Diego Buononte's request for departure was definitely more decisive. And he did it twice. The first was halfway through the championship when he had football reasons to try to replace the Argentine midfielder. The "Dwarf" does not obey the coach's orders when he puts him out of the group and tries to centralize. Put simply, Benet San Jose wanted to leave Buononet because he thought the player did not adapt to his idea of ​​playing.

The club rejected the request in the middle of the season. After the tournament ended and won the title, he insisted. He received the same answer.

Buonanotte has become a favorite of fans. Credit: Agency Edna

There are coaches who are better off with criticism. A person who has worked with San Jose ensures that a constant questioning of his way of playing, of his way of winning, of the players he places and of those who do not affect him much more than other coaches, the last time Two other sources confirm this version. The coach felt embarrassed not only because of the criticisms he constantly received from sports analysts for his "pragmatic" style but also for those of the fans themselves.

Then the wear of San Jose was wide. On the one hand, there are the above-mentioned broken relationships with Jose Maria Bulaubasic, where the differences in criteria and football ideas ran out of the Basque coach. He believes that these differences are irreparable and irreversible.

The defeat at Classic University was key to the departure of San Jose. Credit: Agency Edna

The other factor is the relationship with Aued. Although it was not obvious to the public how tense the relationship between them is, it is generating wear and tear in San Jose, which, in addition to the other factors, makes it take advantage of the exit clause and seal its departure from San Carlos to Apocnidos.

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