Monday , August 2 2021

The role of the actress of Blood Pact in the film Alexis Sanchez

She is the goalkeeper of a football team and struggle to have the same opportunities as men in this sport. This is the role that I will have to participate in Ignacy Uribe, the actress who gives life to Paloma, one of the young prostitutes with whom the Red Lord participates in the Pacto de Sangre.

The actress's involvement is reflected in the official trailer of the film "My friend Alexis," where Chilean footballer Alexis Sanchez will play.

Gloria Rohas – the character of Uribe in this movie – will be daughter of actor Daniel Munoz, whose character does not allow her to play football, a theme that will meet them.

She will also be the sister of Tito Rohas, the boy who will be a friend of Alexis Sanchez.

At a moment of the trailer you can hear Munoz's character telling him that "In Chile, women have no chance of being a footballer."

And Gloria replies: "If you have to try to ask Dad, as you always say to Tito.

"Blood Testament" is at its end, in which the whole truth about the death and cruel dismemberment of Daniela Solis is made clear.

There is much speculation about Paloma's final location because, like other young prostitutes, Benjamin has killed them, and now he thinks he will try to do the same with her even though he has not specified it.


[VIDEO] "My Friend Alexis": Check out the movie trailer featuring "Wonder Boy"

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