Thursday , June 17 2021

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be a folding device, but not flexible

In November last year Samsung showed us a preview of what will be Galaxy Foldits first folding equipment.

At that time they talked about the technology on their screen is called as Infinity flexible display,

Accompanying the presentation with subdued light, It seemed the terminal was collapsible and flexible. However, a new leak comes to deny this last,

Folding, which is not flexible

Everything stems from a patent that found LetsGoDigital. In him, This product is described as a gadget with the quality of folding, Something like ZTE Axon M.

For the first time, Samsung has shown a prototype of a CES 2011 fold screen. In a few years, South Korea will launch this technology on the market as a whole.

The only detail, as we noted at the beginning, is that it will not be flexible. To do this, we have to wait until 2020 or at the latest by 2021And beware, it is not guaranteed that during any of these years they distribute a unit in the retail network, maybe they are just prototypes.

Some comment that the battery, cooling system, and camera are the most sophisticated components for adapting to a flexible deviceAlso, be sure to create an interface adapted to this style. While gadget Folding can help as a foundation, you almost certainly have to apply some changes and changes.

Then we leave you with a preview that is already circulating about what this folding Galaxy Fold will look like:

It is said to be able to withstand "hundreds of thousands of folds"But at least in person the question will be whether this proposal will attract the audience … and how they would react to the vision / knowledge that it will not be flexible.

On February 20th, your ad is also scheduled The paper will be live from San Francisco (USA), so we will give you all the information about this first hand product, We'll see what Samsung offers us.

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