Sunday , June 13 2021

The sexual offer of "producer" of Edmundo Varas

A particular situation has lived in the last days Edmundo Varas, who received an obscene offer in exchange for entering the "Resist", the new reality show of Mega.

According to Edmundo's testimony on Wednesday in "Intruders," a fake producer contacted him from the United States through WhatsApp, where he made an uncomfortable request.

"He tells me he is a producer of MTV and that he wants to take part in this reality show" Resistiré ", which Mega does with MTV.I started asking him what he wanted from me and told me that the first stage of the casting was closed, but it is possible in the second part to be a participant in this. But he tells me that I want something from you … "reveals the unfiltered winner in" Blind Love ".

He pulled the roll

In addition, Varas said there was no room for double interpretations. "I say" what do you want of me? "And since it was in English, maybe it could be misinterpreted, so we'd better speak Spanish, I say, and we speak Spanish, and I realized that the intentions of this type.

Eventually, Edmundo revealed that everything this producer says is a lie. Later on, I realized that interactions of this type were not. He is not MTV producer. Yes, he offered me sex, but what surprised me is everything he tells you. What is Ignacio Corvallan? And Corvallan is next to me – he threw it into the water.

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