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The Sexuality Expert shows how the female condom works and what are its benefits

On February 13th International Condomy Day, just one day before Valentine's Day. The date was selected by the AFF Foundation in 2012, as statistically on February 14, it is usually a date with many sexual contacts, and even those who decide that their first sexual experience materializes on that day.

But if we talk about condoms, we have to talk about all condoms and there is one that is not much talked about: female condom,

that's why Every night, a kinesiologist sexuality specialist and director of My Intimacy Center, Odette FreundlichI understand what you need to know about this condom.

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– The advantage is that this condom It is much thinner, so pleasure is better, the temperature is better transmitted and has the advantage that it can be set long before the meeting, "explained the specialist.

This is if you know you will have sexual intercourse at night, You can wear a condom two hours before "no problem"In fact, it can even be removed after a few hours of the sexual act.

Another advantage is that the person does not need a full erection to apply it.

Additional, "protects a much wider areaas it also protects the area of ​​the vulva, the area of ​​the vestibule, then other types of infections can be avoided, which many times with the male condom are not avoided as this is the herpes.

Another point in favor of women is thatcan be held responsible for his sexuality and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies. "

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How do you say that?

There are two types of female condom: FC2 and AirThe Sexuality Expert showed every night how it works the latter consisting of a bubble at its end and approximately 17 cm in size.

Where to buy it? Unfortunately, Freundlich said it was very difficult to find it in pharmacies and that has a value much higher than male condoms,

However, you can find them in the Chilean Family Protection Association (Aprofa), in national condoms and in sex shops like Japi Jane.

Performance level: 95% vs. 97% of menHowever, it is very difficult to break.

Watch the full video interview.

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