Monday , June 21 2021

The texts of the "heavy caliber" of "temucano" would support the existence of a possible sect

The recent months of 2018 and the beginning of this year are not good for national composer Umberto Baeza, better known as Tito Fernandez, after having participated in a series of complaints against him for harassment and rape.

While the singer's defense denies the allegations, the journalist who made a report to the clinic Alejandra Matus claims that there is irrefutable evidence of this situation in the Earth's message and the message of Sirius, two books that the artist published in the late 1980s and early 90s years.

According to La Cuarta, Matt tells La Mañana de CHV that "these books have enough precursors to the history of this mathematical center."

He then added that "he tried to deny that he had a sect and a lodge called Talis," but the texts would show that "there was a pyramidal and hermetic structure in terms of some knowledge, in secret levels."

But the journalist went further, assuring that "when they read," they provided information from Tito Fernandez's mouth for elements that make up any sect that has a teacher and a pyramid line. "

"Heavy gauge"

The woman she really loves is given herself completely and without wanting anything, she gives herself without expecting anything in return just as nature offers all her gifts to the man without wanting anything. This woman will think how to make her partner happy, not how she can make her happy, "is one of the messages the translator likes about wine devoted to his students.

This situation is reflected in other writings, such as an excerpt, inviting women to "find out which of their attitudes are feminine and which are masculine. It must in no way be a possession and should never attempt to dominate the human being. He must take care of his word so as not to harm his partner's psyche with negative suggestions and never try to force his will in a crude way.

The same happens when he says that "we know that we will be disqualified, persecuted and even abused, but the teacher said it at the beginning of the first millennium and we are not afraid because we are walking on the path of truth that will eventually prevailed and won the great battle. "

Faced with these facts, in the morning in Cillivan, she talks to the singer to get her opinion, but Fernandez will not mention that "it has nothing to do with the accusations I am accused of."

"The other day they published meetings I had with some people I knew, so I do not know where they will go. I do not know what the purpose of this persecution is, "the national composer exclaimed.

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