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"The Translucent Devil": Ted Bundy's story, killer of women who inspire movies and series | present

"An ordinary person", "educated" and even "gallant" are some of the characteristics that determine Theodore Robert Cowell Bundy, an American who became a hero of the 70s. Zac Efron's new film, and even a series of Netflix where his testimonies are shown.

Before becoming a fugitive from justice because he is the author of 36 murders, Bundy leads a "normal" life. He was born in Burlington, USA, and was raised by grandparents. At the age of 4 he learned that they are not his parents, as stated on the historical site.

During his childhood, Ted he loved to hunt animals and torture them, as normal routine. Even once, his aunt Julia Cowell woke up from a nap, surrounded by kitchen knives, and at the foot of the bed the little girl smiled. These were the first criminals he presented.

Later in his adolescence he moved to live with his mother and He started consuming pornography, becoming addicted to this content. As he explained to his psychologist before being executed, it would affect the development of his psychopathic behavior.

"This was happening in stages, little by little, my experience with pornography as a whole, but with pornography that is a high level of sexual violence, Once you are addicted to it, you begin to look for all kinds of materials with more powerful things, clearer, more graphic. Until you reach a point where Pornography goes so far that you're starting to wonder what it would be like to do it"The accused said, as the Washington Post site reported.

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Despite the first perversions, Bundy noted with his qualifications at the University of Washington and Puget Sound, in Tacoma, where teaches law and psychology respectively. During this process, he met Stephanie Brooks, a 21-year-old girl with regular relationships.

His first crimes

On January 4, 1974, Ted entered the room of an 18-year-old student hit with a metal lever and then broken with a piece of woodThe victim survives, but with permanent damage to the brain.

A month later, Bundy made his second attack, this time a psychology student, whose The remains are found in a mountain near the campusIt is then estimated that Ted is near him 8 murders, At that time the police have already made a profile of the alleged perpetrator.

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The man He uses various guns, like wigs and fake beards, to deceive his victims and take them to lonely places to commit their crimes. Even when he moved to Colorado in 1975, She killed at least six women.

During this period, the media began to spread the representative image of the murderer they called "The devil reborn in man."


On August 16th, the police stopped Bundy while driving, only with the intention of verifying his license. However, the subject escaped and raised suspicion of his actions. After being arrested, workers found a metal lever, handcuffs, tape and other items that served as evidence of an investigation.

It was at this point that he condemned the long list of crimes committed. "I've met people who pose vulnerabilities (…) His facial expressions say, "I'm afraid of you. These people invite abuse (…) Hoping to be hurt, she encourages it?His statements in a letter he left in the many escaped prisoners.

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Capture YouTube

Finally, on January 24, 1989, Bundy Bundy was executed on an electric chair, but not before trying to get rid of this torture. In this period, he suggested the authorities help them find other serial killers,

On the last day, Ted called his mother's phone and did not want to eat. About 7:16 am he was declared dead.

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