Sunday , June 13 2021

The unexpected compliment to Transport Minister Gloria Hut at Di Mondo Glamorama

Author: AS / 25 January 2019

"I like fashion," Transport Minister Gloria Hutt said on Twitter when Pamela Giles stressed that she had seen the launch of line 3 a few days ago.

– Dressing is a form of expression. Costumes give identity to people and civilizations. Apparel has been accompanying human beings from the beginning, "he wrote in the same social network, responding to a wave of comments about his clothing.

Now the government official is again interested in fashion and style, praising Di Mondo, the most striking Chilean fashion.

This is a spontaneous greeting to the character of the fashion podiums that this week attended various morning programs and programs GlamoramaTV -IRE HERE THE VIDEO – and tonight will launch the Capazos collection of Daniella Saldedo's wallets with a big event at Hotel W.

The Minister said in his stories at Instagram: "Hello, Di Mondo. I only send my greetings because I have the greatest admiration. I love everything you do. I love how you break schemes, how innovative and creative you are. So I'm courageous for Di Mondo.

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