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The video of Cardi B ("This is more of a beast than Jennifer Lopez") in lingerie that revolutionized Instagram

April 25, 2019
(14:00 CET)

that Cardi B is one of the most controversial American singers is no secret. Not that the artist is usually one of the most provocative in social networks. And now he showed it again with a video that left his followers silent.

A video in which he appears in the dressing room singing an evangelical song. But, as usual with her, her vocal power has not surprised many, but the fact that she has decided to record the video in her underwear.

The video of Cardi B

As we can see from the pictures, the singer appears in the lingerie tablet. Those who claimed this Cardi B the skin is left in the gym so the tablet can look like it's not exactly wrong.

As well seen in the images, the artist's abdominal presses are marked. And how. That's why many have agreed to see it from another singer who boasts the most of her six-packs in recent times: Jennifer Lopez.

Therefore, comments can read opinions like "This is more of a beast than Jennifer Lopez","That's what they are, "Brutal," The best six pack of Instagram "or" My mother how strong it is. "

Definitely Lopez, Cardi B He worked in the gym to be great in the face of the movie he will play with JLO, crooksThe two will give life to two strippers, so they spent months in the gym, shaping them and defining their bellies.

Not a few, seeing the images of the two who are shown as a tablet, those waiting to release the movie to see them in their finest clothes.

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