Sunday , September 26 2021

"The Walking Dead" 9×08: our SPOILERS review Television | series

The Ninth Season of "Return dead"He did what seemed impossible: he regained the ability to tell fresh stories of heroes who were used to exhaustion (even Rick's fake goodbye is good in perspective.) The episode this Sunday is not a special thing.

Then, the spoilers of "The Walking Dead" 9×08:

Darly (Norman Reed), Jesus (Tom Paine) and Aaron (Ross Markwood) are leaving Hilltop to look for Eugene, and what they find is a horde of zombies of inconsistent behavior. They move in circles, do not respond to the attempts to get their attention.

Once they discover Eugene, these undead appear again and surround them, but the appearance of Michentine and the new survivors have an extra opportunity for everyone. Jesus, always ready to help, took the time to kill a few more zombies.

Just when one of these zombies hits Jesus' sword and kicks him in the back.

"Return dead"He has experience with surprising deaths that can be divided into two groups: heroes whose story has already reached their natural conclusion and those who have not done it, where that death only affects the viewer.

The death of Jesus is from this last group, utilitarian, striving to show the new enemies, people who mask in the living dead, as a serious threat. What better way to do it than to do it to kill a very capable hero in the battle; Someone who was fond of fans never had a complete development (like Jesus of biblical tradition, this character had little or no defects).

Of course, "Return dead"He knows how to play with the viewer and in a preview shows only one coffin where every man can be.

Rounded heroes, surprising death, progress of the episode, where it turns out that several of the characters avoid danger. This week, almost everything in "Return dead"This is a famous story.

Where the series does not repeat, it's in Henry's love disappointment (Matt Linz), who, seeing Enid and Olden, decides to do something unwise. When the series withdraws from the struggle for power, it is when it flourishes. The same can be said of the interactions between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam).

Negan Free (the door of his prison was open), new enemies and a crisis of mistrust between Hilltop and Alexandria. None of these stories is a good reason to keep watching this series. On the other hand, if we have even a little of what we saw at the beginning of the season, our patience can be rewarded. Or maybe not, well "Return dead"We were disappointed before.

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