Saturday , January 23 2021

There are 15 already qualified for the Champions League round 16 | sporty

Fifteen teams have already secured a place in the Champions League round of 16, Among those who are Barcelona Arturo Vidal and Manchester United Alexis Sanchez,

With respect to Group A, the ads and the difference were Atletico de Madrid and Borussia Dortmund,

In B, culé's table was first and will be accompanied by Tottenham as the second place, who reassured their 1-1 victory in Nou Nou against the Catalans. Inter finished third

In zone C, NapoliFinally, it was left out, as those who installed their name in the next phase were PSG and Liverpool,

In group D, the first Porto and the second Schalke 04, also secured his place among the top 16 in the competition.

In F, Manchester City was the first in the area, and the second place will be between Lyon and Shakhtar.

The D, the defender of the title, Real MadridTogether with the Roma, they also agreed to the next phase of the race.

Finally, in zone H, Juventus and Manchester United They were the ones who assured their passage to Eighth of Oreion.

It remains to be clarified only the last quota for the round of the best 16 of the race.

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