Thursday , July 29 2021

There are 18 deaths due to flu in Halicos

Guadalajara, Halisko.During the Epidemiological Week number 8, which includes February 17-23, the Jalisco Health Service Secretariat (SSJ) reported three new deaths due to influenza in the state.

Deaths correspond to women over 40 years of age without a history of vaccination. All three had AH1N1 flu and are residents of the Arandas, Tlaquepaque and Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos municipalities.

In a statement, the SSJ indicated that two patients had concomitant diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity and smoking.

He added that he has also registered 13 new cases of influenza, 10 of them type AH1N1, two of type A and one type of AH3H2. Halicos ranks 19th in number of infections in the country.

The accumulated for Hallix during the season 2018-2019 is 115 cases of influenza and 18 deaths. 63% of cases are women and the most affected group is 40 years and older.

The municipalities with the largest number of patients are Guadalajara 31, Tlaquepaque 21, Zapopan 21, Tonalá 7 and Puerto Vallarta 7, which together account for 76% of confirmed cases.

To date, the healthcare sector reported 92.4% progress in the vaccination coverage by applying two million 260,000 853 doses of influenza.

The unit has proposed the most effective way to prevent influenza vaccination as well as frequent hand washing and good drying, as well as maintaining good respiratory hygiene, covering the mouth and nose with coughing or sneezing with tissues and discarding them properly.

He also wanted to avoid contact with sick people, as well as not touch his eyes, nose and mouth; avoid sudden temperature changes; eat foods rich in vitamins A and C; rapid self-isolation in case of discomfort, fever or other flu-like symptoms; go to a doctor when you are experiencing symptoms.

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