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There is a limit that disrupts the desire: when Yuri falls in love with a chili in Vinya

The 1995 edition will live forever in the retina of the Mexicans, with the festival being where the singer met the love of her life.

It was more or less such: It is said that Jurdjie Valenzuela is sitting in his room at Hotel Miramar when he first sees Rodrigo Espinoza through the screens of a television channel. The Chilean, who at that time was Aleste's vocalist, summer band, appeared the same night as the Maldita Primavera interpreter.

The voice behind a hit miracle, "There is a limit that disrupts desire" was 22 years at that time, a decade less than the Mexican pop star of the moment. But love has no age, and music has no barriers causing the sea breeze that wandered through Quinta Vergara, it was a scene of international romance.

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For the pink seal of time, this loving relationship was a real surprise. In a conversation with Don Francisco in 2017, Yuriy revealed details of how this story ended with rings and adoption of a girl in June 2009. The woman who took the initiative to meet the singer sent him a picture the message I wanted to know While the distance was a problem, love was stronger.

Alfredo Alonso, Aleste guitarist and Rodrigo's friend, never expected the singer to leave the group to follow Yuri to Central America. According to him, "no one thought it would be that long, it happened at one point and we all said: why the band will be divided by something that will last so little?" – said Alonso in an interview with cooperativeRecalling the cause of the band's interruption, blinded the Chilean youth with his undisputed pop sound.

The Vinya Festival is the cradle between Yuri and Rodrigo and after 16 years of the Garden City, in 2011, the Mexican returned to the race with his partner. On this occasion, they both shared the scene, giving life to the song that allowed Espinoza to meet the woman she would never be divorced.

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