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These are the most awarded numbers in the last 100 draws – 24-hour data – 24 hours

Lotus: These are the most honored numbers in the last 100 draws

This Sunday, Feb. 3, will take place with the largest accumulated amount in history that exceeds 11 billion pesos. Tvn


This Thursday again in Lotos there were no winners accumulation of a total amount for all categories 11,200 million pesos. Some have doubts about whether to play or in what number they hope to receive the big prize, but very few know what are the "small balls" which were repeated in recent games.

Many people associate the number 13 p bad luck, misfortune or other negative things. However, obviously in equal to lotus this number is far from that meaning,

To 25, 13 is the number that has been awarded the most in the past 100 raffles of the popular lottery of the Chilean cock: the balls of both figures are repeated not less than 24 times

And at least what has appeared? They are 31 and 11,

But, eye, because the lotus is a game of luck and each draw is independent of the other. This suggests that previous results they have no significance or provide any information on numbers that can be downloaded for the next time: their review is nothing more than game

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