Monday , January 25 2021

They are looking for the second participant in a million-pound abduction robbery in Niebla: PDI will identify it | national

The Prosecutor's Office is investigating the case abduction robbery which hit a farmer from Valdivia, Los Rios. One person is already in pre-trial detention and the other is wanted by the police.

The violent attack happened on a plot along the road to Niebla's coastal sector, in Valdivia. According to AIP, the victim reports that the men wore balaclavas and arrived when they slept, they bound him with a hand and a leg, and threatens with a firearm, to run with him and with different types in the vehicle of the affected.

Prosecutor Alex Montisinos from the prosecutor's office for criminal analyzes and investigating points in Los Rios explained that the victim was left abandoned in Osorno.

The lawsuit was handed over to the Investigation Police Coast Guard. Detectives They arrested a man in Los Lagos and his mother in Loncoche, where there are a large number of species, after an analysis of different means, according to inspector Sebastien Sepulveda.

In court, the falsified Montikonos informed the accused Nicholas Enrique Moragga Sanhua (20) that he was the subject of an investigation into the crimes of violating violence, intimidation and kidnappingBesides the threats, as according to the victim, when he stayed in Osorno, he told the police that if he condemned the attackers, they assured him that they would respond,

The estimate of stolen and recovered species is about $ 20 million. Currently, the EPP robbery brigade confirms that the second hood and the author of this abduction robbery I will be identified, but it's not yet.

This article describes the current trial

It is possible that the allegations will be rejected at the end of the investigation, which is why The defendant should not be held guilty until Justice has ruled against it.
(Article 04 of the Code of Criminal Procedure)

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