Wednesday , July 28 2021

They blame Eva Gomez for mistreating her classmates from "Asi Somos"

This year's Spanish cheerleader Eva Gomez He returned to TV, but his return was not entirely pink.

Recall that he is responsible for the management of La Red's late-night program,How are we"On the one hand, the rating has not accompanied her so lately, and on the other hand she has talked about her relationship with her peers.

According to the media Filttoror, Once they arrived in the program, the spirits in the team became hot and now there would be serious charges Eva Gomez for alleged ill-treatment with space experts, which is also reflected in the comments that each program broadcasts and which are uploaded on the Youtube platform.

On the other hand, and according to sources in Albania, the treatment that the participants received from the Spaniards during the development of the program was not the best, as Eve would not allow her to express ideas completely, to break them up suddenly.

But that's not all, as El Filtrador also points out that a nearby source has heard a conversation in the channel corridors between Eva Gomez and journalist Carla Kirga, where the Spanish spoke with the journalist in bad conditions.

It should be noted that after the recording of the last Friday's episode, Kirga talks about the archangels, but Gomez would say the following: – I'd like to believe in all these mystical themes, but how can I believe you if your ex was like nonsense with you?

This, however, is not the only episode that has been experienced in the team, as the participant in the discussion, Juan Andres Salfate, after finishing the transmission of the program yesterday, would have called "Where are you Camila?", relating to the former conductor of space, Camilla Andrade and which was replaced by Eva Gómez.

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