Thursday , June 24 2021

They blame extarotista on a very good day of fraud: she admits she remains with customers money TV and show

Many will remember the figure of Christina Araya, which had a place to read in Tarot Good morning for a long time Today the spiritual leader is involved in a huge problem because several clients accused her of fraud.

Since he no longer appears on television, he now devotes himself to his cabinet of spiritual accompaniment. In this sense, those who have planned hours with her after having paid the consultations in advance claim to have never received their services.

It was violators the one who announced the denunciation of a woman named Lula Araya who would have deposited 50,000 pesos before visiting her. The problem was that Christina had never communicated with her client anymoreThe consultation had to be made in September 2018, but Lula has not received any news from the tara reporter or his money so far.

Some people who watched the program began sending messages to Twitter, accusing them of being deceived by the tarot. Everyone agreed in their history, so they did not hesitate to criticize Christina's actions.

Michael Rolden explained that he had communicated privately with Araya, who admitted he was keeping the money and that due to some economic problems he had not been able to return it.

"My daughter and my granddaughter do not deserve to see me highlighted so I will not stress that I pay." Now, why do not you pay? "She said," I do a lot of work for free to help people, so all the cards are messy, my money is done. " Then they have to wait until they collect money so they can pay "– explained the journalist.

On the other hand, Christina promised at least to pay Lula Araya, but in installments, because she has no income so she can repay all that she owes.

It is worth mentioning that Christina is not the first time in this type of problem. In March 2018, while part of Good morning He admitted having debts with his clients: "God knows I have more will of time"the tarotist assured, after he had made clear that the money had been spent.

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