Sunday , November 29 2020

They find a 31 km crater caused by a meteorite

A team of researchers, formed by experts from Denmark, Germany and the United States, I found a crater 31 kilometers and 300 meters deep, in northern Greenland. The Big Hole It is covered with ice, which kept him all the time.

According to the Science Advances magazine, the crater was formed during the Pleistocene period, which extends from 2 million years ago to 10 thousand years. The meteor that struck the earth was iron and was just over a kilometer length.

– The end It is extremely well preserved and this is surprising because the ice of the glacier is an incredibly efficient erosive agent that will quickly eliminate traces of impact, "explains Professor Kurt H. Kjaer of the Geography Center of the Danish Natural History Museum.

– This means that the crater must be quite young from a geological point of view, "he added.

The impact is classified within The 25 most violent ones so farThe end that forms the explosion is larger than Paris or Washington.The next step is to find out exactly the impact date and in what way affected the climate of time,

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