Tuesday , August 3 2021

They found a new star surrounded by "alien mega-structures"

A group of international scientists have discovered a new star whose luminosity is fluctuating mysteriously, which shows that it is full of "alien structures." A research advance on the star found, called VVV-WIT-07, has been published on the portal arXiv.org.

Astronomers are warned about celestial bodies when they are examining data from the VISTA Variable program, which studies the central area of ​​the Milky Way, and looks for supernovae and stars that suddenly light when they explode. The scientists had VVV-WIT-07 observations in the period between 2010 and 2018.

In recent years, the star's brightness has increased and decreased without an established pattern, up to some time reaching up to 80%.

"We don't know what kind of thing it is," astrologer Roberto Saito, from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianpolis, Brazil. "And that's interesting," he added, quoted by Science News.

The scientists with whom he collaborated confirmed that VVV-WIT-07 could have several types of debris orbiting periodically which block the light. But Saito and his colleagues said they needed more observations to determine whether this was the true cause of fluctuations.

The behavior of other flashing star-like objects, known as one Tabby (KIC 8462852), also shows important changes in attenuation up to 22%. Among the theories about the strange pattern of embezzlement, there is one that shows the existence of mega alien structures that revolve around stars.

However, an investigation in 2018 shows that the change in luminosity at KIC 8462852 is caused by dust particles that block several wavelengths of light, and not in blockages of giant objects.

Also, there are other stars who blink, J1407, whose behavior is more similar to VVV-WIT-07. These stars are regularly attacked by up to 95%, according to findings in 2012 by the astromer team Eric Mamajek, from the University of Rochester in New York. Astronomers think that J1407 nests in its orbit a planet with a very large ring system that periodically vibrates stars.

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