Sunday , June 20 2021

"They have not been years as I expected them": Jason Vargas Self-Criticism in his New Presentation at UC

Shortly in his responses, with some self-criticism and avoiding reference to the conversations he had with Universidad de Chile before signing his second return to San Carlos de Aposhindo. This was shown Jason Vargas in his presentation a press conference like strengthening the Catholic University for the season 2019, held on Tuesday at the foot.

"I am very happy, the first few days met me very well, I felt very well in the physical partI work in the aerobic part. I hope already this week to prepare ", left the words of the 21-year-old striker who is the fifth stronghold of Gustavo Quinteros Strip.

Advised by disputed that there was between UC and U to keep his services, the Montreal Impact player said this "I will always want to be here, I've shared with the players for 5 years at Casa Cruzada, This is my house, I have my brother who also plays here, I am very happy.

But insisting on the point that was very close to reaching U, Vargas was asked about Johnny Errera's statements, which assured the trainees in the OU, "die to play in W"and avoids the topic: "I'm a hundred percent focused here alone playing football, I'm very happy here. I will always want to be here ", responded to this request.

In his career after Grupo Saputo, the owner of Montreal Impact, bought 60 percent of his money in more than $ 3 million in the middle of 2016 when he was only 18, he was self-criticized and admitted that he had not achieved what he expects then a promising start in the campus campus.

"I did not have years, as I expected, but I was very calm, only 21. I think things and work will improve", said the player who will live his third stage in the professional campus of the Catholics after his cycles in 2014-2016 and the second semester of 2017. His other footsteps in hired football are in Estudiantes de la Plata (2016-2017) Impact in Montreal (2018).

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