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They launched a campaign to prevent the Hanta virus

police 08.12.2018

They launched a campaign to prevent the Hanta virus

Hantavirus hantipulmonary syndrome (SCPH) is a viral zoonosis transmitted to humans by wild rodents. This disease is endemic in our country, presenting cases from the region of Valparais to the Eisen region.
In this context, each year the Seremi de Salud del Maule performs the campaign to prevent contamination, an example of which is the epidemiological surveillance network throughout the region, health centers are reporting suspicious cases,
In November of this year, the last case of hantavirus in the Coquimbo area was confirmed and in 2018 there were 33 cases of Hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome across the country, 7 of them died. The last 3 cases correspond to the areas of Higgins Higgins, Ñuble and Coquimbo.
In the Maule region, three cases of hantavirus were recorded by December, one of them died.
The number of cases is lower than that reported for the same period in 2017, 6 cases, and fewer deaths, 2 deaths in 2017. According to the geographical distribution, the confirmed cases according to the probable place of infection correspond to the municipalities of Parral , Rauco and Cauquenes.

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