Wednesday , January 20 2021

They recommend moderation and addiction to the treatment of diabetes during celebrations

Measuring food portions, maintaining treatment compliance and self-observation are the main actions that should be followed primarily by people with diabetes at holiday feasts, a specialist on the subject today advises.

"Countries should not be the reason to put aside the treatment of diabetes or to ban things, but to know how to measure food and drink, get medication and exercise," said Gezella Ayala to Efe, Executive Director of the Mexican Diabetes federation.

Diabetes, Ayala explained, is a disease that affects about 15.8% of the adult population in Mexico, according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

This chronic degenerative disease occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, a hormone that regulates the level of glucose in the blood or when the body can not effectively use insulin produced by it.

The problem with diabetic patients is that their glucose levels may rise (hyperglycaemia) or fall more than normal, which is known as hypoglycemia – a condition that is dangerous because it can cause seizures or cause seizures or coma .

"These levels vary according to the food we eat daily, and in December the main problem is that there are many family or business meetings that lead us to change our eating habits," Ayala said.

This is why the specialist has given some recommendations to avoid blood sugar being redirected to too high or low.

"One of the food tops in smaller plates, so the portions are not too big, except to choose fiber-rich recipes and avoid too much sugar," he said.

He said you should look for options like healthy snacks, eating natural water and fruits, and avoiding too many fasting hours, "because it decompensates levels."

With regard to alcohol, it is advisable not to consume it, but if you can not avoid it, you should try to consume one drink for the most part in women and two in men.

"We have to choose a drier wine or, in the case of distilled spirits such as tequila, whiskey, soft or vodka, should be taken alone, with mineral water or non-alcoholic soft drinks." Cocktails are definitely not recommended, "he said.

Ayala said it was a holiday, you should take time to be a family and at the same time do physical activity "like dancing or going out for a 30-minute family walk after noon."

He added that it is essential to maintain the treatment and to keep the schedules. "They should not miss drugs, and if someone goes on a trip, they have to predict and take enough medication to avoid leakage," he said.

He also stressed the importance of monitoring, "as this is the best way to know if the decisions we made on food are appropriate, and if not, we can change our diet."

Finally, he pointed out that the most important thing is not to ban food, but to eat a balanced diet, exercise and stick to treatment. "The key is that diabetes is not an obstacle to life," he concluded.

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