Monday , June 21 2021

They require precautionary measures for 4 attributed by Katarlanka cases national

For crimes as barriers to the investigation, four new defendants were formalized in Case of CatrillancaAmong them, the attorney who represented former GOPE employees when making false statements.

In addition, the Court reduced the safeguards of two of the four former members of the so-called Jungle Command Patrol that had completed the procedure that ended with the dead papyrus.

In three parts the hearing was split in the Catrillanca case, which was extended by more than 10 hours to the Collipulli Guarantee Court.

It all began with the request of private defense counsel, Javier Yara, to exclude the Ministry of Interior, the Children's Ombudsman, and the National Human Rights Institute as a plaintiff, who eventually dismissed the magistrate Maria Fernanda Lagos.

Later the Ministry of State Administration organized an investigation against retired Colonel Jorge Contreras for falsifying a public instrument; oldest retired Manuel Valdiviezo and Corporal Gonzalo Perez for adultery in detention of documents; and lawyer Cristian Iinostroza for courtship.

Prosecutor Roberto Garrido explained that the four new defendants would also be investigated to hinder the investigation and agreed to the outcome of the hearing.

The four formalized ones were signed in two weeks, national roots and unrelated to the other defendants.

The lawyer representing the family of Camilo Katarlanca, Nelson Miranda, rejected the precautions that were set, but noted the progress made in formalizing the higher ranking participants.

The hearing also reduced the safeguards of former GOPE Braulio Valenzuela and Patricio Sepúlveda, who will now close the partial home arrest, the two-week signature and the national arigo.

While Raul Avila, also a former member of the so-called "Jungle Command," will have an audience on February 15th, where he will try to stop being in pre-emptive detention.

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