Thursday , July 29 2021

They said the tablet was so big it was funny

With the 9th ad included.

Have you always wanted a tablet of nearly 18 inches, which is literally larger than a tray? Is that correct? Well, it does not matter because Samsung announced View2 anyway.

To be honest, it's meant to watch TV with AT & T, but it's still an essentially simple Android tablet … the size of Texas.

The screen is 17.3 inches and has 1080p resolution, there is Exynos 7884 processor and 3 GB RAM, in addition to 64GB of storage. It's not exactly a racing horse.

However, we insist that AT & T sells it so that people without television (?) Take advantage of the IPTV services they have, in addition to DirecTV GO and HBO GO.

It would be ideal to have at least an HDMI port to connect the console, but that is not the case. What it has is a 4G and a monster battery of 12,000 mAh.

Its price is $ 700 and will be sold tomorrow, April 26 in the United States. Currently it will only be available in AT & T, but maybe if the search is great (can you imagine?), It can be sold through other distribution channels.

Do you want? I'm honest, yes, more than anything to see IPTV as the grandfather of the ad that's above the title.

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