Sunday , November 29 2020

They say drinking beer moderately has several health benefits

Unlike traditional, the consumption of craft beer brings many benefits to the human body, including preventing cell aging, avoiding constipation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease due to its entirely natural composition.

Beer is one of the oldest drinks in humanity and the most popular in the world. After water, tea and coffee, it is the most absorbed brew and Chile estimates that per capita consumption is close to 70 liters per year, positioning itself as one of the most brewing countries in Latin America.

Within this industry, the consumption of craft beers is increasing in our country, which is demonstrated by the large market supply. "The difference between the two is the preparation: while the traditional use of less raw materials and more unnatural preservatives, craft beer is made in a more natural process and without additives," said Francesco Podch, founder of Nexobeer, for the distribution and distribution of craft beer.

Several studies have revealed the many health benefits of traditional beer, and these are those that are further enhanced by the consumption of craft beer. This does not mean that it is now allowed to be taken daily and in surplus, but this gain is obtained through moderate drinking.

Moderate beer consumption makes people 42% less likely to suffer from heart disease, according to a study by Italian scientists published in the European Journal of Epidemiology. This is because the polyphenols it contains help reduce the risk of development of heart related pathologies.

Since craft beer is made from 90% water, this hydration reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. "With the number of times we go to the bathroom every time we have a couple of beers, the kidneys work constantly, keeping them healthy," Podlech says.

With regard to the previous non-alcoholic beer, there are high levels of potassium, which, according to a report by the Spanish Society of Hypertension, the League for Combating Arterial Hypertension and Beer and Health Information Centers, have a diuretic effect by removing water and electrolytes in the body that prevent constipation.

Another advantage that moderate beer consumption revealed in the previous study is that the presence of natural antioxidants from this bath helps to reduce the oxidative phenomena that are responsible for cellular aging. In other words, beer slows down old age.

"The components of craft beer are of natural origin, which makes it a partially healthy beverage that also has many advantages." In Chile, consumption and production are widespread, reaching supermarkets and appearing in businesses like ours, which seeks to distribute craft beer different parts of the country, "he explains.

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