Friday , May 7 2021

They spread an intimate picture of Megan Marcel and her former partner

The daughter of Sussex, Megan Markel, has been placed in the eye of the world once more about its past, and has recently spread intimate picture the wife of Prince Harry with his exnovio, the chef Cory Vitiello,

The published image provokes irritation among those who follow the life of this famous royal couple. The controversial photo published by the TMZ portal reveals the obvious love for Hollywood and his partner, shortly before meeting with Prince Harry.

The moment of shooting lets you see Duchess of Sussex sitting at the feet of Vitiello, who hugs her to the waist, kissing her gently on her cheek.

According to the portal, the photo was taken in a restaurant in May 2016 and it does not take long Megan Markel He will begin to meet Prince Harry as their relationship begins in July of that year.

on the relationship between Markle and Vitiello It began in 2014 and lasted for two years. Her beginning is shortly after her divorce with Trevor Engelson.

The love affair between the culprit and the cook went with good conditions, even if he wished him the best in his marriage to Prince Harry.

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