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They want to say "champion" at home: UC will try to win the title against the tough Ogings | football

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Leonardo Rubiller United Nations Agency

The most important grief for Catholic University in the season 2018. Here is how the meeting between the "Crusaders" O Higgins de Rancagua in San Carlos de Apocindo.

"UC", the absolute leader of the national championship, may be a crowned champion if he wins "Celeste" and if Universidad de Chile and Universidad de Concepción add up to three. This is the last option that will have those of precordillera to reach the title in the state of the premises.

Pupils' Students Benat San Jose they lead the race with 55 points, two units above U and three Campanile, the only frames that could take away the title of Crusaders.

For the match against Rancagua, San Jose can not count on the wounded Cesar Fuentes and Diego Rojas, In addition to Branco Ampero which will be low due to viral infection.

But his rival will not make the task of "crusaders" easy. Targets by Marco Antonio Figueroa they play their choice to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana 2019 for which they need a trophy.

"Capo de Provincia" is ninth in the table of locations, only two points from the Spanish Union, currently the last one in the continental competition.

In addition, Celestes they take invisible control of Figueroa's "Fantama", with three wins and two draws, and the illusion of returning to an international tournament is great in rancagüinos.

The party he promises will be the star of the Catholic University and O Higgins, from 5:30 this Sunday, November 25 at the San Carlos de Apoidando stadium. The duel will be led by the judge Roberto Tobar and you can track all the details BíoBíoChile,

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