Tuesday , June 15 2021

"This 2019 will put an end to this clowning"

This Wednesday, Democratic MP Pablo Vidal criticized Kathy Barriga for a new gigantgraph, installed at Maipu's municipal farm, where the mayor appears as a protagonist.

At the end of January, the first municipal farm was launched, an initiative aimed at the inhabitants of the municipality and especially the children.

Among the attractions, the mayor's caricature, characterized as a farmer, is not overlooked and is installed so that children can shoot with her.

Through his Twitter account, the deputy put a heavy message against the mayor. Cathy Barriga is not interested in anything. It does not matter to her that they make fun of her, she does not mind using bad public resources, she does not care about the sanction of the Controller's Office. This year 2019 we will put an end to this clowning. We will not allow them to continue laughing at the faces of Maipuchinos (as), "he said.

This is not the first time that the mayor's image in municipal projects is questioned.

It is well known that a group of residents of the municipality filed a formal complaint with the mural master at the Maipu National High School, where the mayor's face was included with historical figures. The complainants then warn of a "constant need for understanding" on the part of the mayor.

In this case, Barriga defends, saying that "we like it or not, I am the first woman mayor in 127 years."

Maipú's municipal veterinarian, who was decorated with pictures of the mayor posing with dogs, was also controversial.

Earlier this year, the mayor gave a "Cathy Barriga" scholarship for national estimates of the PSU of the municipality.

Due to the name of the scholarship, the mayor was again questioned and justified, noting that the name was given by a vote of the board of directors of the municipality. – This directory was suggested … it was one day, so fast. In a municipality, things are usually slow, they are expanded, they are questioned (…). They go through this directory and it's time to call it. And this directory, in some kind of tax, says, "But let's put Kathy Barriga." I said, "No, why?" And vote. And she gets the name of Cathy Barriga" placed before La Tercera.

In June 2018, the Republic's chief governor asked Barriga to refrain from using his image to disseminate municipal activities.

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