Tuesday , June 22 2021

This is the new PokerMon Zone Zone event, featuring Psyduck – Nintenderos.com

If you play Pokémon GO, you have already learned this psyduck appears in larger quantities due to the last event of Safari area in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Thanks to this throughout the weekend we can even see a Psyduck variocolorWe leave you message that shared Niantic sharing on this topic:


Right now you can enjoy the first Pokémon GO Zone Safari event in South America! Mark this date on your calendar to attend the Zona Safari event in Porto Alegre, Brazil. This will be a free recording event to be held from Friday 25 January to 27 January. The coaches who are present can meet Pokémon, Unown and Relicanth on the shores of the renewed Guaíba. Founded in 1769, Porto Alegre is the fifth largest city in Brazil and the epicenter of Gaucho's culture and history in the country.

This event will be free but there will be limited tickets. You can register to get your ticket in this link. Be sure to plan in advance in time to have transport and accommodation during the event.

We will be glad to see you there!

– The Pokemon Team

And here are some messages that have been published in social networks in the last hours:

What do you think? Do you benefit from the event?


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