Monday , June 14 2021

This map shows the points with the greatest visibility for the next full eclipse

These are the points where you can enjoy more clearly in South America.

Each time is less for July 2, the exact date when we can see an unusually complete solar eclipse at several points in South America. Now the map shows the most privileged points to see it.

The next solar eclipse will be seen in Chile as a complete and partial eclipse depending on where it is located. In particular, it will be visible in its greatest splendor in the northern part of the country, in the Kokimbo region and the Atacama region. The rest of the country will see a partial solar eclipse, but even in the southernmost parts of Chile, such as Punta Arenas, more than 40% of the solar disk will be hidden.

As seen from this map, hosted at, the best blackout places in Chile are in the center of the red zone (the darkest on the map):

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