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This Tuesday will see a partial eclipse of the moon

exactly 50 years after the launch of Apollo 11, on July 16, 1969much of the earthworms will be able to reason on Tuesday partial eclipse of the moon, including Chile.

"The eclipse will be seen from Africa, from much of Europe and Asia, from eastern South America and from Western Australia", Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) in London in a statement.

The lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and the Moon are aligned and the Moon is in the cone of the shadow produced by the Earth.

In Tuesday, the eclipse will be partial, so the moon will not be completely dark. But "about 60% of the visible surface of the Moon will be shaded," RAN explains.

Remaining from the sun, the moon darkens and gets an orange hue because the earth's atmosphere diverts the red sun rays into the cone of his shadow.

The astronomical phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye, without any danger, as opposed to what happens with the sunshine of July 2. Some binoculars or telescopes will allow you to fully enjoy it while the weather conditions allow it.

The phenomenon will start from 2:43 pm on July 16, reaching its peak 17:30 ends on 8:17

in Chile on an event can only be seen in the final phase, at 5:52 pmBecause when it passes through our country, the eclipse will be in retreat.

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