Sunday , May 16 2021

Today, the public sector strike begins with an indefinite deadline

Unions report that "in view of the weak results achieved so far in the salary adjustment negotiations and other benefits for the staff of the central, decentralized, municipal and other administration departments, the 15 organizations that make up the Bureau of the Public Sector The CTO decided to call Paro Nacional to rely on November 26th on Monday.

They also announced that a concentration will be held in Santiago on Paseo Bullseye, as the Metropolitan administration denies marching permissions while marshals will be held in the main cities in the regions, "the Confederation said. public statement. "

"We have to make it clear that the responsibility for the paralysis of hundreds of thousands of civil servants belongs to the government." After presenting our application in October, there were several meetings in which only one of them was a current minister and it was not until the end of the week that The Ministry of Finance presents a figure for consideration of trade union representation that for the first time in almost thirty years of negotiations it was not proposed by the Minister of Finance but by a lower official of that distribution, th.

"After rejecting the first figure, at the last meeting the government raised its initial proposal from 2.9% to 3.1%, a figure far out of expectations, because with this figure, given the 3% end-of-end inflation, this means freezing which, of course, rejects the trade union council, as it seeks to achieve a restructuring which, in addition to restoring the purchasing power experienced in recent months, gives us the opportunity for real wage restructuring, which at least reflects growth. the domestic economy, "the document added.

Under current circumstances, CONFUSAM, which unites the public healthcare sector, has proposed a 48-hour national strike, which is why they ended by calling on CESFAM users and clinics to "Do not mention that they do not visit our institutions unless there is an urgent need, in cases where we guarantee their due attention with our Ethical Changes in all paralyzed establishments, and we reaffirm our belief that unemployment is not against the people, but against the government. ormalnost. "

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